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I think this is my first Harry Potter fanart. *gaspu* Drarry is my other OTP and there's this awesome author in AO3 that writes the very best drarry fics (imho) and I just had to draw something for her. It was supposed to be a quick sketch and color but somehow...it got away from me...like most of my art things. XD I think I could have spent more time in cleaning up the outline and some of the coloring but I'm really impatient when it comes to those things. lol. If you enjoy a good drarry fic or two, I recommend visiting her page. So much...fluffiness and drarry love and so so funny and much goodness!

Stop and Stare http://archiveofourown.org/works/5625616
Summary of the fic: Harry’s life is full of care, he has no time to stop or stare; he has no time for anyone’s shit, until his friends aren’t having it. A story about the unravelly things. 2015 advent fic.

This is such a wonderful story. She has a tendency to include adorable creatures in her fiction, be it magical or ordinary, and it just makes her stories all the more wholesome and enjoyable. You really grow fond of them. She writes my favorite Harry and Draco, they are just so precious! And you really do fall in love with all her characters. I've probably read her entire collection way too many times. XD Enjoy!

And some close-up. I just used a free-hand outlining method instead of using the pentool. I tend to lose my drawing style when I use the latter, but it sure is nice to have clean lines. ToT

Thank you for viewing!
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