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Spawned by [livejournal.com profile] sharona1x2's comment about liking mermaids..at 4 in the morning. These boys are too much! ToT


This one...is for the sea to keep. )

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Been sketching to shake the rust off. Have really been missing the whole process of just creating art and I'm hoping I'd get some accomplished before the year ends. Plenty of stuff I have to work on and it's always a work in progress for me. Sometimes it's so frustrating to see that I'm not where I wished I already was, skills-wise...but hey..that's what practicing is for, right?


Anyway...to start off...here's some sketches )

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One new artwork today. A commissioned chibi!art. This was commissioned by a new mommy. She had wanted to capture the first time he had watermelon and also his light hair, while it was still light. She included some of his favorite toys (toy car and collection of rubber duckies), the cow costume from his very first Halloween and their cute black cat.

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The next artwork is a chibi Heero and Duo sketch. I plan on painting it. If it turns out well, I might use it as a giveaway. Here's to hoping it turns out alright. XD

This way! )

I also created a twitter account: https://twitter.com/PorcArtworks
Please follow for the latest updates. I'm probably going to link it back to this journal just so everything stays in one place. When looking for a profile and background pic, I had wanted to use my artwork but realized that I don't have any new ones from this year aside from the ones I've posted so far. /.\ This means I really should draw more. *crosses fingers*

And lastly, I decided to have a Valentine's Day chibi sale! (Fufufufu~ any excuse to draw lovey dovey chibis, you know?)
So if you're interested please leave a comment here or email me at be.porcelain@gmail.com. Like always, it's a solo!chibi or a lovey dovey!pair for $20. Also please note: A chibi of you with superchibis of your favorite couple counts as a solo!chibi. You can describe what you want me to draw or you can follow this format when giving your request:

Lovey dovey pair: Heero and Duo
Details: valentine's day date in a swan boat filled with roses and balloons (I don't know...sounds cute. XD)
Special request: Can they have matching couple shirts on?

Fufufuufufufu~ Something like that. I'm also open for normal commissions. If you're interested, please email me. I look forward to what lovey dovey things you guys come up with. XD

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Dec. 9th, 2010 02:24 am
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Just a little warm up. It's been a while since I've drawn. ^0^;; Mostly heero and duo + one JJ by request of the samikitty. XD

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Thank you for viewing! Hope to be able to sketch much more complete ones later on. XD

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