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These have been commissioned a long time ago but I had waited until [livejournal.com profile] aju_scenes posted them first. So now that both have been posted, here they are.

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Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] yuy_h

I was asked to make Heero a mood theme. So I used Cooter (his adorable turtle) as the model. Lots of pictures taken ^_~

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Ahhh~ too many moods to list. If you're curious bout one, just ask. XD
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Yey! AJU art. ^~^ This time I was asked to capture a moment from this fun scene. Had an awesome time playing with this one. :D Enjoy! And as always, thank you to the awesome AJU players.

He grinned. “Bang,” he said. “You’re dead.” )

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A while ago, [livejournal.com profile] merith commissioned me to make AJU's Heero and Duo a few icons based on their road trip. The idea was to treat them like snapshots. For Heero we decided to have him leaning against the car and for Duo, a pic of him while driving. ^~^ Here are the "pictures", and the icons are miniature versions of these (should I post them?). I also included a few WIP snapshots just because they're fun. :D Enjoy~<3

Yey! Vacation pics! )
Due to computer problems I've become confused as to whether these are the final versions or not. It's okay though, since the changes I had made were miniscule (only known to me perhaps, *eyetwitch*). Well, if anything, I can just re-post other versions, right? :) Thanks for viewing.


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