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Been wanting to do another Jaeho for a while now. Must fill my life with lots of Jaeho and all that good stuff. After seeing S-mag's August issue -ded- I had to do something. :D

This started out really clean (clean lines, clean colors). Then I left it alone for a couple of days and when I came back to it, I found I didn't want it that way. Threw a bunch of colors in there and some textures until I was satisfied. ^~^

The pic was inspired by this: *le melt* ^~^

Hope you enjoy! And thank you for viewing.

Jaejae wants a kiss. Yunho wants a kiss. Life is good. XD
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This is dedicated to my lovelylovely full of cute Jaeho-lover, and also for every Jaeho fan out there!

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Thanks for viewing.
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I felt like some Jaeho today (everyday). ^~^ I love Jaeho's smile, just had to try to capture them..don't know if I succeeded though. The coloring was a bit messy and maybe rushed. It's also a different style from my previous TVXQart. It's sort of a cross between realistic, and not. XD I think I like it. Thank you for viewing.

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I can't resist my Jaeho muse, it rules me. These two are too adorable and beautiful that I've become obsessed. :D Especially dedicated to Nhaca [livejournal.com profile] chaigreen and to all Jaeho fans. Enjoy.

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Thank you for viewing u.u, I hope you enjoyed your visit.

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Especially dedicated to the talented and lovely Nhaca ([livejournal.com profile] nhaca_writes) for her wonderful fiction. I hope you like it, dearest.

Instead of my usual style, I opted for a more painted, layered style. It's different, but I'm satisfied with it. It surprised me actually. Thank you for viewing. Please enjoy.

Warning: Image heavy

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