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The fourth picture for my [moments] series. If you attended Ycon this year, you may have seen it. I wonder who went home with it (along with the other three). XD Enjoy!


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Because I don't think I've ever drawn them in the priest costume and green tank top. Spandex? Whut? Oh those were...ummm suspiciously missing when it came time for the photoshoot. Oh don't fret, of course Heero's not standing butt naked surrounded by water--although I'm sure you'd enjoy that--we found him pants. 8D Cookies to those who could guess what the white structures around them are! You'll probably have to squint a bit.(cookies and hugs for [livejournal.com profile] merith and [livejournal.com profile] tyreling, Yes, those are Wing Zero's wing tips 8D)

Enjoy! And thank you for viewing.

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There's something about this picture that touches me, that draws me in. Something about the distance between them. It's not too far and not too close; It's just comfortable. Looking at their backs, I wonder what they're talking about, what they had talked about, were they talking at all. Are they friends? Lovers? It seems only they would know.

This picture is one of my interpretations of Heero and Duo. This is how I see them. They make me wonder, fascinate me, make me love them more.

I was going to cut some of the foreground out, but found that in losing the distance between them and the observer, you also lose that feeling of not knowing what's going on. You're suddenly in their space and become part of the conversation. I didn't want that, this was their moment and we can just step back, watch, and enjoy.

Thank you for viewing and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the picture.


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Showed a preview of this a couple of weeks back. Now, here's the full pic w/ close-up. ^_^ Enjoy.

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Made a wallpaper out of a pic I drew for Ycon. No title yet. :3 Inspiration from [livejournal.com profile] skyelee Enjoy.

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Happy bathroom time. 8D Was thinking of calling it 8 AM sun-shower XD sound good. :) Thanks always for viewing.

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