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Was browsing my folders and stumbled upon this incomplete work. Was going to leave it incomplete for a longer while, but suddenly felt like seeing if I can maybe try working on it some...kekeke..ended up finishing it. Albeit, looking a lil unfinished what with the outline and stuff. But I like it like this somehow. ^0^

EDIT: added a small sketch of Yunho. :)



May I present...His royal highness, Prince Changmin. hehehehe )

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I have been in a Jaejoong-drawing mood lately. Can't escape it, despite trying to draw other people/characters. Also, this image has been in my head ever since he had bleached his hair way back in the 'O' days. Although, it's not the exact image, it's something like it. Now about this picture, we all know Jaejoong has an inner rock star that's been waiting to come out. Here's to helping him out a bit. :D


Thank you for viewing, I hope you enjoyed muchly. ^_~
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Been sketching. Spending some quality time with teh photoshop and the tablet. *kisses them* Would have drawn some more but owwie hand-cramp. ;o;

Enjoy! And thank you for viewing. ^~^ Uhhh~ warning: large images ahead!


row, row, row you boat~ )

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Some TVXQ love! Yunjaeho for [livejournal.com profile] hyungie & All the boys for [livejournal.com profile] samikitty. Much love, behbehs!


I've got youuuuuuuu~ under my skin! )

Thank you for viewing and for your wonderful comments! I'm sorry I don't have time to reply to them, but they are truly appreciated. *muaz!*
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Tvxq!sketches ^__________^


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thank you for viewing! more chibi! art soon! ^^
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More giftart! This one is for my lovely Tara-bb [livejournal.com profile] skyelee. U-know I love you. ^_~


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Happy New Year! I'd like to take this moment to wish you a happy, healthy and love-filled new year! And I'd like to thank all of you for your constant love and support. Your encouragements mean a lot to me. Much love to you!

And now for the art. I started this the other day because I had been feeling a bit rusty. It was only supposed to be practice, but the more time I spent on it...Hehe, I think it became something else. XD

Work in progress pic
Original picture

And now, my version )

What a way to start the new year! Thank you always!
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For [livejournal.com profile] merith, [livejournal.com profile] sarolynne, [livejournal.com profile] evilpuppy, [livejournal.com profile] skyelee

It's been a while since I've drawn something since school is keeping me pretty busy HUGE apologies to those I own commarts to T_T. So! Random drive-by of love for some of my BBs! Thanks always for your support and friendship! loveyoumuchly! /sap XD

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chuchutrain! )

thanks for viewing!
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Been wanting to do another Jaeho for a while now. Must fill my life with lots of Jaeho and all that good stuff. After seeing S-mag's August issue -ded- I had to do something. :D

This started out really clean (clean lines, clean colors). Then I left it alone for a couple of days and when I came back to it, I found I didn't want it that way. Threw a bunch of colors in there and some textures until I was satisfied. ^~^

The pic was inspired by this: *le melt* ^~^

Hope you enjoy! And thank you for viewing.

Jaejae wants a kiss. Yunho wants a kiss. Life is good. XD
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...and it was his undoing. )
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This is dedicated to my lovelylovely full of cute Jaeho-lover, and also for every Jaeho fan out there!

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++021promise++ )

Thanks for viewing.
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Dedicated to [livejournal.com profile] skyelee. Yunho looked especially good in this pic that I had to draw him. ^_^ Enjoy.

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U-KNOW Yunho & BlondJJ sketch )
Thanks for viewing.
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I felt like some Jaeho today (everyday). ^~^ I love Jaeho's smile, just had to try to capture them..don't know if I succeeded though. The coloring was a bit messy and maybe rushed. It's also a different style from my previous TVXQart. It's sort of a cross between realistic, and not. XD I think I like it. Thank you for viewing.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI love them so much! )
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I can't resist my Jaeho muse, it rules me. These two are too adorable and beautiful that I've become obsessed. :D Especially dedicated to Nhaca [livejournal.com profile] chaigreen and to all Jaeho fans. Enjoy.

Change my world )

Thank you for viewing u.u, I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Had to disable comments due to spam.
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In which I celebrate one of my favorite artist's birthday. Happy Birthday HERO Jaejoong of TVXQ. ^~^ Been working on this on and off for a couple of days, hoping to finish it by today, the 26th. I'm not sure if I'm completely happy with it yet. XD I've been staring at it for so long, you know? Maybe once I get some sleep and look at it again, I'll see.

Anyway, JJ is so adorable I had to do something to celebrate his birthday. I saw this pic and fell in love with it instantly. I just had to try drawing it. ^~^

His 21st )

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Wheee~ new desktop wallpaper

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Thank you for viewing.
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I decided it's best to start the new year feeling accomplished. So I looked through my folders and found something I needed to complete. At the same time, I had wanted to contribute something to SBSK's Changmin project (Would've contributed to the others as well but I'm not sure if it's too late or not). And since I was working on some TVXQ art, it only made sense to finally finish that Jaejoong pic I started a long time ago.

So here we go. WARNING: Image Heavy!

Jaejoong & Changmin )

Thank you so much for viewing. Working on these was a bit painful, but in the end it's quite worth all the hair pulling. ^_^
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Especially dedicated to the talented and lovely Nhaca ([livejournal.com profile] nhaca_writes) for her wonderful fiction. I hope you like it, dearest.

Instead of my usual style, I opted for a more painted, layered style. It's different, but I'm satisfied with it. It surprised me actually. Thank you for viewing. Please enjoy.

Warning: Image heavy

Jaeho )
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Was inspired, so just started to draw/copy this pic :)
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