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[livejournal.com profile] sunhawk16 commissioned me to celebrate RayGunWorks' anniversary. Here we have Heero and Duo in Steampunk gear atop a cliff. What are these two up to, I wonder. I also included work-in-progress pics. I don't usually take step by step pictures of my progress, but this time I have enough to show a bit of the process. Thank you for viewing and enjoy!

Final product

And here's the WIP:

Basic sketch I showed Sunny. Once she approved, I started the lineart.

The boys are outlined. Changed Heero's arm position and outfits are finalized. Background and foreground is planned out by chunks of color. Color swatches are also placed on Duo to see how it will look together.

The boys are colored and some shading is thrown in.

Background upgrade.

More shading and tinting.

This is showing the background before the final colors. I went back to the original file and stripped away the final colors to show the basic colors, and my happy desert trees. XD

Background is tinted and blurred, Duo's clothes are colored some more, while Heero's is still plain. The previous pic showed his was colored already, cuz it wasn't an original screencap.

Outfits colored.

Borders are put up, final touches are made, signed and sent off to Sunny.

and then a day later I decided it wasn't shiny enough, added more shine and let Sunny decide which version to keep. MuahahahhaXD

She kept the shiny one,

Hope you enjoyed that. I'm currently working on that Heeroduo mermaid pic I said I was going to work on back in hmmm March?! Gwah, where had the time gone? Anyway, it's going well and we'll see how it will look in the end. Looks like there's going to be a few more things after that so...fingers crossed for more porcArt?

I'm still playing around, but here's what I have so far of the kingofthesea pic.



[livejournal.com profile] lil_1337 and I got caught up in the possibilities...So, a quick Heero sketch was made. XD Details in the comments.

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