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Looks like I have some fixing up to do. I discovered a few broken links and such. Other than that, I'm relieved to have found a new place to showcase/store my artwork. :)

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Apr. 18th, 2017 10:29 pm
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Looks like LJ made some changes to their policy. I'll be taking down pics and will most likely just delete the entire account. Kind of sad about it. If I can find some time, I'll try to find another place to showcase my work. I still have my Deviant Art account, but it's not going to be the same. I also don't post everything there. I'm fond of LJ. This was where I started and where I met the most awesome and kindest people. Wow, this is soft of heartbreaking.


update: yep, moving to dreamwidth

update: the move was a success! looks like this is our new home. *gathers art minions*
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I had designed clan uniforms for [livejournal.com profile] bookbyte a while back and here's Aiden wearing it. Two versions because war needed to be red and since I had made a light version also, we'll call it 'peace'. Always fun to see Aiden's many facets. Thank you for looking and enjoy!

War & Peace )

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[livejournal.com profile] sunhawk16 commissioned me to celebrate RayGunWorks' anniversary. Here we have Heero and Duo in Steampunk gear atop a cliff. What are these two up to, I wonder. I also included work-in-progress pics. I don't usually take step by step pictures of my progress, but this time I have enough to show a bit of the process. Thank you for viewing and enjoy!

The watch read 2 PM )



[livejournal.com profile] lil_1337 and I got caught up in the possibilities...So, a quick Heero sketch was made. XD Details in the comments.

Heero's promise )
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Here are two other sketches that's been waiting to be colored. This time, it's a Heero and Duo chibi on a Valentine's day date! Went a little pattern crazy but, I was feeling it, so just went with it. :D The other one was a chibi I had sketched for a friend but never got around to. Enjoy and thank you for viewing!

to the chibis! )

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I seem to be in a drawing mood. This time it's a Merlin (BBC) giftart for giselleslash's ohsolovely fanfic The Weight of Truth
I'm always re-reading this story as well as every single merthur fic she has, so about time I drew something to show my appreciation. :)

“Everything I do, everything I’ve done, is for you. You are my King.” )

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I think this is my first Harry Potter fanart. *gaspu* Drarry is my other OTP and there's this awesome author in AO3 that writes the very best drarry fics (imho) and I just had to draw something for her. It was supposed to be a quick sketch and color but somehow...it got away from me...like most of my art things. XD I think I could have spent more time in cleaning up the outline and some of the coloring but I'm really impatient when it comes to those things. lol. If you enjoy a good drarry fic or two, I recommend visiting her page. So much...fluffiness and drarry love and so so funny and much goodness!

The duck is a bright pink )

Thank you for viewing!
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Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had awesome holidays. Some chibi art I did over the holidays. :) One for [livejournal.com profile] bookbyte's lovely family and the GW boys. And others that will be printed onto coffee mugs as Christmas gifts.

chibis in here )
Thank you for viewing!
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About time I put something up like this. XD Ta dah~~Things porc can do! Well, these are the more usual things I do, if you have anything else in mind, talk to me about it.

Note: For those that are new to how I do things. This is a 'menu' of sort of what I'm usually commissioned for. Please feel free to look around this journal or in my Deviantart page: http://saikaistory.deviantart.com for examples.




A commission for porc? Details in here! )
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Was in a coloring mood and there was that Duo with the side-shave sitting around so...started coloring and then was like..."um, how does one go about coloring a shaved head anyway?" :o Was I successful? And what's the story, Duo? How did this happen? Was it a dare? kitchen accident? undercover!model assignment that was supposed to go to Trowa but he was in vacay? kekeke... Enjoy!

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Thanks for viewing!
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Artwork commissioned by [livejournal.com profile] sunhawk16 for [livejournal.com profile] merula31 for her fic "Wolfen One" http://www.amymizunogwpage.com/merula/wolfen_one1.html. This piece was so fun to work on. Drawing sexy!Duo is always fun but omg! bow and arrows and hunter clothes and a blue eyed wolf and winter and okay the glowy things is a must cuz...mysteryyyyyy. XD So much fun was had! Plus I got to read Merula's wonderful fic and *pokes at it* need more of this world, please. :D Enjoy!

click for sexy hunter Duo and the glowy wolfen one )

Thanks for viewing!
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Was browsing for some Duo ref pics and came across a fanart of Duo with a side-shave and OMG I needed to have one of my own. XD So, sketched one up immediately. Will definitely have to color&complete in between commission pics so stay tuned. I once had very strong feelings about Duo's hair remaining untouched whether in art or fics but...maybe I got over it. Besides...side-shaves are so hot, imho. Bonus! Changmin(ish) side-shave for [livejournal.com profile] samikitty cuz I wuv her and we wuv the Minnie.

side-shaves in here )

Thank you for viewing!
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I was so excited to receive this order from [livejournal.com profile] sunhawk16 for Merula's fic, "First Star to the Right" http://www.amymizunogwpage.com/merula/books.html. Had several lovely moments to choose from, but this part was my favorite. *happy sigh*


Enjoy and thanks for viewing. \^0^/ )

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Spawned by [livejournal.com profile] sharona1x2's comment about liking mermaids..at 4 in the morning. These boys are too much! ToT


This one...is for the sea to keep. )

Thanks for viewing!

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Been sketching to shake the rust off. Have really been missing the whole process of just creating art and I'm hoping I'd get some accomplished before the year ends. Plenty of stuff I have to work on and it's always a work in progress for me. Sometimes it's so frustrating to see that I'm not where I wished I already was, skills-wise...but hey..that's what practicing is for, right?


Anyway...to start off...here's some sketches )

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Hello~ Just finished an order by [livejournal.com profile] sunhawk16 for [livejournal.com profile] paikan. Today we have Heero, Duo and Wu fei cosplaying as Gon, Killua and Hisoka! Let me tell you how fun this was. Everyone knows about my love for GW, but I have an equal love for HxH as well and to be asked to combine both? ^0^ It's a pleasure! Enjoy!

In here! )

Thanks for viewing. ^0^/
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Some personal chibis. Hoping to work on something non-chibi next (although i love them and could never stop). Maybe that sketch of Heero? Or maybe sketch something new? Hmm. Really into Merlin and Arthur, as well as Harry and Draco at the moment. Been wanting to draw so many things as well. Will think of things. Should I open a prompt-post?

Here be things! )
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I made a twitter account a while ago. Will be posting sketches and WIPs there. Please follow if you want to see these. Once in a while, I'll probably include all WIP captures into one post in this journal. I think this will help me with the whole "drawing more" thing, somehow. Keep me participating, you know? :D


Thank you for your attention. *slips back into den*
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Just now...I had to look at the profile of my other journal to remember the username for this art journal. XD

Anyway, here's a Chrismas chibi commissioned by [livejournal.com profile] bookbyte with a Nutcracker theme. Enjoy and belated Happy New Year!

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(Also, I had to make this post while the journal's in japanese--what is happening? XD)

Thank you for viewing!


And now, a sketch of Heero as the Nutcracker prince. WIP mode!

Prince Heero )
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One new artwork today. A commissioned chibi!art. This was commissioned by a new mommy. She had wanted to capture the first time he had watermelon and also his light hair, while it was still light. She included some of his favorite toys (toy car and collection of rubber duckies), the cow costume from his very first Halloween and their cute black cat.

View here! )

The next artwork is a chibi Heero and Duo sketch. I plan on painting it. If it turns out well, I might use it as a giveaway. Here's to hoping it turns out alright. XD

This way! )

I also created a twitter account: https://twitter.com/PorcArtworks
Please follow for the latest updates. I'm probably going to link it back to this journal just so everything stays in one place. When looking for a profile and background pic, I had wanted to use my artwork but realized that I don't have any new ones from this year aside from the ones I've posted so far. /.\ This means I really should draw more. *crosses fingers*

And lastly, I decided to have a Valentine's Day chibi sale! (Fufufufu~ any excuse to draw lovey dovey chibis, you know?)
So if you're interested please leave a comment here or email me at be.porcelain@gmail.com. Like always, it's a solo!chibi or a lovey dovey!pair for $20. Also please note: A chibi of you with superchibis of your favorite couple counts as a solo!chibi. You can describe what you want me to draw or you can follow this format when giving your request:

Lovey dovey pair: Heero and Duo
Details: valentine's day date in a swan boat filled with roses and balloons (I don't know...sounds cute. XD)
Special request: Can they have matching couple shirts on?

Fufufuufufufu~ Something like that. I'm also open for normal commissions. If you're interested, please email me. I look forward to what lovey dovey things you guys come up with. XD

Thank you for viewing!

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