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Was browsing for some Duo ref pics and came across a fanart of Duo with a side-shave and OMG I needed to have one of my own. XD So, sketched one up immediately. Will definitely have to color&complete in between commission pics so stay tuned. I once had very strong feelings about Duo's hair remaining untouched whether in art or fics but...maybe I got over it. Besides...side-shaves are so hot, imho. Bonus! Changmin(ish) side-shave for [livejournal.com profile] samikitty cuz I wuv her and we wuv the Minnie.

side-shaves in here )

Thank you for viewing!
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Was browsing my folders and stumbled upon this incomplete work. Was going to leave it incomplete for a longer while, but suddenly felt like seeing if I can maybe try working on it some...kekeke..ended up finishing it. Albeit, looking a lil unfinished what with the outline and stuff. But I like it like this somehow. ^0^

EDIT: added a small sketch of Yunho. :)



May I present...His royal highness, Prince Changmin. hehehehe )

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Porc art!


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Thank you for viewing! *chus!*
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I decided it's best to start the new year feeling accomplished. So I looked through my folders and found something I needed to complete. At the same time, I had wanted to contribute something to SBSK's Changmin project (Would've contributed to the others as well but I'm not sure if it's too late or not). And since I was working on some TVXQ art, it only made sense to finally finish that Jaejoong pic I started a long time ago.

So here we go. WARNING: Image Heavy!

Jaejoong & Changmin )

Thank you so much for viewing. Working on these was a bit painful, but in the end it's quite worth all the hair pulling. ^_^

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